InsaneDev is

An ecosystem built on Binance Smart Chain,
dedicated to accomplishing substantial tasks
to help the overall environment by
introducing external deflationary measures.

The developer you don't
want to miss

Ecosystem Funding

WeatherBalloon is engineered to fund the rest of the InsaneDev Ecosystem

Ecosystem Expansion

TeaHouse is designed to create inter-RFI connections within the wider BSC RFI token community

Circular Ecosysem Implimentation

Through the development and release of a functioning and addictive video game that interacts with InsaneDev resources, a complete internal economy will be achieved.

Our RoadMap


Phase 1 WeatherBalloon.

Phase 1 kickstarts with WeatherBalloon. WeatherBalloon, unlike any other SafeMoon forks, is entirely Community-Owned and Operated. By burning the initial liquidity and Renouncing the Contract, the WeatherBalloon has been released, and will ascent and descent based on the will of the public. WeatherBalloon is unique, in that it has the largest diluted Black Hole of any current RFI tokens (69%).

Phase 2 ToysHouse

Phase 2 begins with 2.1, ToysHouse. ToysHouse will enable features that will push the Deflationary nature of the InsaneDev environment into overdrive, pushing the price-floor up and increasing the value of all token-holders.
Phase 2.2, TeaHouse, will enable 2.1 Deflationary functionality on the wider Reflectionary community as a whole.


Phase 3 In development

Phase 3 involves tying the native InsaneDev assets into a Blockchain interactive video game.

The Idea behind InsaneDev

While browsing DxSale, I found hundreds of projects, but none that were worthy of my investment. Every time I researched the tokenomics, the Starting Supply was majority owned by a single wallet, or the Liquidity Pool was still owned. Or the Contract wasn't Renounced. Frankly, I started to go insane.
The amount of scams that are running rampant on Binance Smart Chain is insane, and it is actively doing harm to the greater DeFi community. By staining the DeFi image, these scams are encouraging individuals to not explore new avenues of technology. This is unacceptable.
I've decided to build the InsaneDev ecosystem, an ecosystem built on Binance Smart Chain, dedicated to accomplishing substantial tasks to help increase the deflationary nature of all Reflection tokens.

Final Thoughts about the Project

The Binance Smart Chain, and the various other Smart Contract blockchains, must change the way that Contracts are approached. In their current form, Smart Contracts and Alt-Coins are gambling, much like a casino. Without improving the overall image of Smart Contracts, this cutting edge technology will continue to be hindered in its' path of global adoption.